Dear Wine Peloton friends,
Today Teen Rescue Foundation had the great privilege of donating $14,000 to Red Frogs and $14,000 to the Scripture Union Schoolies Week Programs, thanks almost entirely to your generous efforts with the Wine Peloton last year.
Your initiative over recent years has made a real difference for our young people around the country.
Tonight at the Red Frogs annual appeal dinner we heard stories and testimonies from young people who were rescued by the volunteer Red Frogs teams from dangerous situations involving alcohol last year.
Red Frogs CEO Andy Gourley announced, “We saw a turn in culture last year in which schoolies weren't drinking so much alcohol. We only had 568 call outs for alcohol concerns, compared with 702 in 2014. It was one of the healthiest schoolies that Red Frogs has seen in twenty years.”
I wanted to send you my personal thanks for your kindness and generosity in supporting Teen Rescue Foundation to resource Red Frogs and the Scripture Union Schoolies Week Programs again this year.
In the coming financial year we have plans to increase our resources to support more beneficiaries around the country in their work to address teen alcohol abuse.

Cheers and thanks,
Tyson, Bec, Karen & Sarah
Teen Rescue Foundation Board